Against Animal Testing: Nudie Beauty is Certified Vegan!

Updated: Mar 8

Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, involves the used of animals to investigate specific variables and is a technique often used in the cosmetic industry to test the danger of a product. At Nudie Beauty, animals are not and have never been used to test the products. The ingredients used in Nudie Beauty products are plant-based, and not derived from any animal product. All products are Certified Vegan by Vegan Australia!

Q: But if you do not test on animals, then how do you know the product is safe?

Nudie Beauty products are handmade with natural and nourishing raw materials that have a long-standing reputation for being overwhelmingly safe, limiting the need for lab-conducted testing. Every batch is firsthand tested by humans to guarantee consistency and safety.

Rest assured knowing your skincare and bath products are safe for all ages and have no involvement in the horrific process that is animal testing.

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