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The Great Australian Bight is an open oceanic bay which fringes the southern Australian states and is home to a vibrantly unique and diverse range of countless marine life, all who are dependant on the region's pristine waters.

Coastal communities across the shorelines of South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania all value the continuing prosperity of the ocean, beaches, reefs and fisheries. However, when Norwegian energy company, Equinor announced plans to commence deep sea oil drilling within The Bight later this year, 327km off the coast of South Australia, the potentially disastrous outcomes on these communities and local marine life rapidly became emphasised. With BP and Chevron recently pulling out, it implies recognition of the risks that their actions would impose on the ocean and the surrounding environment in the event of an oil spill, with all expert modelling of potential oil disasters projecting to be astronomically devastating.

If a blowout and spill were to occur in winter, the oil would very likely impact the Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, and the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. Simulations show oil could affect much of the Victorian and Tasmanian coastline, right through the Bass Straight towards New Zealand as well. Under these conditions, the model predicts that within four months, an area of roughly 265,000km2 would have an 80% chance of surface oil thickness likely to trigger the closure of fisheries.

With a violent movement to #FightForTheBight currently sweeping across social media, now is time to get involved in the action against fossil extraction in our homely waters.

Raising your voice by submitting your feedback on Equinor's Environmental Plan is one way to make your meaningful contribution to the #FightForTheBight. For guided information on how to submit the form, visit www.wilderness.org.au/.

Signing this petition and a statement of concern will further support and strengthen the communal drive to #FightForTheBight.

Additionally, every scent of the proceeds from my Fight for the Bight Bath Bomb will be donated to the Great Australian Bight Alliance.

For more information, visit:

Great Australian Bight Alliance

Wilderness Society

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