How to use a Bath Bomb

Our bath bombs are wonderful for your skin and make a great addition to any tub. We make all of our bath bombs by hand with the inclusion of sweet almond oil which assists the sodium bicarbonate to soften your skin. They contain plant-derived essential oils that in addition to smelling amazing, are linked to positive improvements on personal wellbeing and have been used in aromatherapy practices for many years, tracing back to ancient civilisations including the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Indians.

To use a bath bomb, fill your tub with warm water until you are satisfied with the level and then place the product in. It will begin to effervescently fizz, releasing its feel-good scents, and creating an explosion of colour in your tub. Some of our bath bombs are designed to float and foam, making copious amounts of #bathart on the surface of the water, while others are formulated for a more rapid, vigorous fizz which tend to react at the bottom of the tub. Then, jump in the tub and enjoy the lovely scent and skin-softening water that is created by the bath bomb.

When you are ready to get out, simply drain the water. Take care when getting out of the tub as due to the sweet almond oil, it may be particularly slippery. You may have noticed your bath bomb make the water sparkly, which is due to the plastic free glitter that is included in some of the designs, but this should easily wash down the drain after rinsing the tub down with some clean water.

And that is all there is to using a bath bomb.

Best bathing wishes,

Ellie xx

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