How to use Solid Bubble Bath

We all love bubble baths, right? There is nothing that soothes an exhausted soul into a state of relaxation quite like a tub full of fluffy bubbles. But with the exponentially-growing concern of plastic-based pollution and environmental damage, your harmless "me time" moments quickly began to seem less innocent. When initially expanding my creative horizons into the bathing world during early-2015, I started to look into bath bombs, which were already ridiculously popular at the time, as well as the lesser-known bubble bars. Originally invented by Lush Cosmetics, a bubble bar is a solid alternative to the traditional liquid bubble bath, which required some kind of exterior bottling. In an early effort to reduce my contribution to the horrific amounts of plastics currently in landfill, I decided to develop a formula for these intriguing bubble bars, and found them to be amazing! I received a lot of positive feedback from people who used them, but noticed some customers were finding the use instructions unclear, using it like a bath bomb and dropping it into the tub just to be confused at why it is not (1) fizzing and (2) not making the fluffy bubbles as promised.

So how do you use solid bubble bath then? While some people like to use the entire thing, it is definitely more cost-effective to savour the product and use it across multiple baths. You should noticed on the label of your product that there is a suggestion of how many bath you can get out of the one bar (generally between two and four). After deciding how much you wish you use, you can portion the bar by either breaking a piece off or chopping with a knife. There are many ways you can use to get the product into the tub, but I like to put the solid bubble bath into a fine-mesh sieve and hold it under the running water as it ensures there are no large chunks in the water.

You can also hold your piece under the running faucet and crumble it into the tub. Some people even like to position the entire bar under the stream of water and then remove it when they feel they have use enough, placing it somewhere to dry. Neither method reaps any major benefits over the others, and all will produce plenty of bubbles. It just comes down to personal preference and it may take some experimenting to determine your favourite method. Once the product is in the tub, you can turn the water pressure up and allow it to do it magic. I have heard some people say they like to further agitate the water using their hands, which is apparently effective for ensuring big mountains of bubbles.

Regardless which method you choose to use your solid bubble bath, you are bound to get a bunch of long-lasting bubbles, which will not cost our precious earth.

Best bathing wishes,

Ellie xx

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