The Dish on the Packaging

Updated: Mar 8

The bath products (bath bombs and bubble bath) are packaged in plant-based cellophane bags, which while they look similar to traditional plastic clear bags, they are compostable. The bags bounding your bathing goodies naturally breakdown as they are made from plant-derived cellulose, keeping the environment and marine-life happy! They are great for storing your Nudie Beauty products until you use them, but after, dispose of the cello-bags in your compost.

The skincare is packaged in glassware which is reusable and recyclable. So, when you are finished with your body butter, face cream, or elixir, give the container a quick rinse and place both the glass and the lid in the appropriate recycling bin.

Even the cardboard box that your products arrive in is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. While I like to keep delivery boxes for various things, like storing stock in for the markets, taking large amounts of product to my stockists, or even just for my cat to play in, putting the box in your recycling bin is the next best way to dispose of it.

By always considering the impact that my business decisions have on our planet, you can rest assured knowing that by supporting this small business, you are also supporting the drive for a plastic-free future.

See ever more info on the sustainability page.

Best bathing wishes!

Ellie x

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