In reflecting my environmental values throughout my business, sustainability finds itself at the front of my strives.

✦ Made with Certified Vegan ingredients from 

✦ Locally-sourced materials where possible to support community businesses and reduce delivery impact

✦ Embracing Minimalist packaging (e.g. no unnecessary product boxes, excessive info fliers)

✦ Exclusively supporting ethical and fair-trade mica suppliers
You can view the source's statement here

Bath products » packed in compostable plant-based cellophane

Artisan soaps » packaging & palm-oil free! (features a simple info sticker)

Skincare » packaged in reusable/recyclable glassware

⚘ Compostable/reusable packing peanutsconfetti

♻︎ Recyclable shipping carton & packing tape

Even the delivery itself is carbon neutral

When packing orders, I often include thank you notes printed on seed paper by PaperGoRound. When planted under a thin layer of soil and watered consistently, the embedded seeds will germinate and begin to grow. I am unable to include these seed cards in every order, but I try to as much as I can :)