My story begins with a search for a Mother’s Day gift. I came across a body butter recipe and became interested in turning my creation into a small business shortly after giving it to her. After months of preparation and trailing recipes, I attended a local market on the 2nd November 2013, launching the Buzz Beauty brand. I named the business Buzz Beauty because, at the time, everything contained either beeswax or honey.


Eventually, through lots of research and experimentation, I acquired enough knowledge to develop my own skin-loving formulas and two years after launching, I began exploring the realm of bath products, which I enjoyed as I was able to further express my creativity through the bath bombs and bubble bars. In May of 2019, I decided to rebrand Buzz Beauty to Nudie Beauty because I had phased bee products out to make all of my goods vegan, meaning the association with bees no longer made as much sense as in the beginning.

I continue to independently handcraft, package, and ship all products, focusing on creating everything with cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. Since establishing my business, I have been to numerous markets around South Australia, in addition to selling online which has given me the pleasure of sending my products all around the world.

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