My Story

I established Nudie Beauty in mid-2013 when I was twelve years old. After searching for a Mother’s Day gift, I came across a body butter recipe and became interested in turning my creation into a small business shortly after giving the product to her. With months of preparation and trailing recipes, I attended a local market on the 2nd November 2013, launching the Buzz Beauty brand. The business was initially named Buzz Beauty as all products used to contain beeswax and honey.

Through years of research and experimentation, I was able to formulate and develop my skin-loving formulas. After two years of primarily making skincare, I began exploring the realm of handmade bath products and cold-processed soap making. I chose to rename the business to Nudie Beauty after transitioning to using only vegan-friendly ingredients. All of my products are now Certified Vegan!

I continue to handcraft, package, and ship all products independently, focusing on creating environmentally sustainable products with conditioning ingredients to nourish the skin. I enjoy still attending local markets and selling online, which gives me the pleasure of sending my products all around Australia!