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Solid Bubble Bath

Handmade ✦ Vegan Friendly ✦ Cruelty-Free ✦ Safe for Kids

Dive into a world of bubbles, relaxation, and sustainability with my solid bubble bath. Your bath time will never be the same again! Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a sustainable bathing routine. Simply break off a piece, let it dissolve under running water, and watch as luxurious bubbles engulf your tub. With at least four baths from one bar, you can indulge in bubbly goodness time and time again. It's like bathing in a dream! Similar to a bath bomb, my solid bubble bath creates colourful waters that will transport you to a world of relaxation. Infused with essential oils, every soak will leave you feeling refreshed.

The packaging is eco-friendly, made from compostable plant-based, plastic-free materials.
This bubble bath is preservative-free and some include plastic-free glitters!

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